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They Need Your Help

Hiya Grunge Babies (and visitors), Cheyenne here. I’m taking a break from the usual fashion and beauty posts today to remind you guys of something very important. According to the humane society, “about 2.7 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one every 11 seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year.” I understand that not everyone is looking for a pet or has the ability to adopt, but if you do, please find your best friend from a shelter. Pets are the best. and there are so many animals out there that are not being treated right, and you could change that. There are useful websites like that help you find the right animal for you in your area. Or you can always head down to your local shelter.

Another option, is fostering animals for your local shelters. This is an amazing opportunity that I will be taking advantage of in the very near future. All you do is provide a temporary home for a loving animal until the organization can find a forever home for it. A lot of the time foster homes have either kittens or puppies that are not yet old enough to be adopted, who wouldn’t want to have puppies or kittens in their house for a few months?! Contact your local shelters and see if you can help!

If you are not able to adopt or foster, please consider donating to either your local shelter, the Humane Society, or the ASPCA. There are many animals out there that need your help. Here are some links where you can donate any amount you please online: (click link and then click donate at the top of the page)

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I really hope you decide to make a difference.

AnimalShelter ANIMAL POST LOC animal Shelter


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Fall Trends (Deep Lips)

Hey Grunge Babies! Cherie here once again! Today I’m sharing my first beauty tip. I’m sure you’ve all noticed one of the biggest fall trends of 2013 is a deep red lip! Here’s some steps to get you there with cheap drugstore products! I used Wet n’ Wild’s lipsticks in the colors Cherry Bomb and Vamp It Up.
1. Line your lips with Vamp It Up
2. Fill with Cherry bomb using a lip brush
3. Darken your lips with Vamp It Up.
4. Look absolutely stunning!
This is great for all you Grunge Ladies!





The (Wo)Man in Black

Hiya grunge babies!! How are you all? I wanted to share with you guys what may be one of my favorite outfits of mine. It combines my love for old country with my love for punk style. To honor the man in black, I paired my Johnny Cash shirt with a black lace skirt, black rose tights, and my trusty combat boots. I’m in love with this outfit. My tights (from Forever 21) were a great purchase, just 7 dollars for rose tights! Anything with roses is going to be my favorite, always. Anyways, hope you like it!

DSCF2565 DSCF2563

Sugar Steak and Flannel

Hi grunge babies! Today I rocked a layered outfit that included a tank top, a flannel top (which flannel just happens to be my favorite thing ever), Wet Seal shorts, tights, thigh high socks, and combat boots. Wow, that’s a lot! My tank top, which is possibly my favorite piece of the outfit, is a brand called Sugar Steak, which unfortunately, is shutting down. It was a fabulous and extremely unique brand though and I am anxious to see what the owner has in store for us all next. I paired this look with bright lips and winged eyeliner.

Much love,












Ever Wonder What it Said?

Ever Wonder What it Said?

Yumi dress
$51 –

River Island jeans
$40 –

Churchs leather shoes
$395 –

Carolina Bucci rose gold earrings
$395 –

GUESS by Marciano gold jewelry

Dorothy Perkins bracelet

Lips makeup

Opi nail polish


  Hey Grunge Babies! Cheyenne and Cherie here, today we want to talk about our favorite places to shop. While we both love to go downtown and cruise through the mall, online shopping is also a great way to get your shopping in! All you need to know are some good websites, your measurements and you’re golden! Think of your favorite stores and check their websites! A lot of stores have online exclusives. You can also find some amazing pieces on websites such as Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy! If you are shopping on a retail stores websites (,, ect.) you can almost always get free shipping to your nearest location for pickup! Don’t forget to search the web for coupon codes for that month! This is a great way to save money and expand your wardrobe! Also shopping online for stand out pieces and going thrift shopping for the rest of your gorgeous outfit is another way to make your style come to life!

Love you lots Grunge Babies,

Cheyenne and Cherie

P.S. We have decided that stopping with our posting schedule will be best for the blog all around. With trying to balance life, college, and a blog schedule is quite overwhelming so we will be posting outfits when we feel, beauty tips when we feel, and some fashion tips when we feel. We believe this will help our blog by allowing us to think deeply about our posts, therefore they will be more enjoyable for our Grunge Babies! Some weeks may have a lot of postings while others may not have as many. We deeply hope you understand and love you guys so much!